Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

Michael Moore’s new movie pirated, FEMA seeking reimbursement from hurricane victims and the Clinton’s cash out.

Across The Media Universe

Mike Huckabee comments on Paris Hilton, anchor fired over comments on assassination and no shield law for journos.

NBC’s High School History

NBC has announced a new project to provide high schools with historical NBC News footage for their history classes.

‘NY Times’ Web Site Still Number One

The New York Times attracted just under 13 million unique visitors in May to remain at number one in the latest Nielsen/NetRatings survey.

Citizen Journalism South Korea Style

A free online news service now has 50,000 amateur reporters and counting.

Howard Kurtz

The discontent with the media is growing.

NBC Universal Chasing Jon Stewart

Is NBC looking to Stewart to fill Conan’s spot in 2009?

Campbell Brown Set To Join CNN

CNN has snagged Campbell Brown from NBC to try and regain some ratings footing.

Bunny Hopping On The Runway

Wild hares close Milan airport.






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