Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

Is Fred Thompson running and is Kobe Bryant staying?

Across The Media Universe

Play the new online MSNBC game called NewsBreaker.

Hostile Fox

Two more Democratic presidential candidates decided not to participate in the Fox sponsored debate this fall.

Honor Society Speech Plagiarzied By Schools Chief

It appears the schools superintendent in Ft. Lee, NJ may have plagiarized the induction speech given to Honor Society students.

Huffingtonpost Success Story

How has the liberal webpage achieved its success?

Copycats Beware!

The Associated Press is using new technology to track the use of its content on the web.

Thompson’s Media Savvy

Fred Thompson is getting plenty of ink even though he hasn’t declared his candidacy yet.

‘NY Sun’ Circ Figures Dubious

Accurate circulation figures for The New York Sun are hard to come by.

Nasty Lawyers

A man involved in a dispute with a lawyer over his refusal to marry his niece was tied to a tree and beaten outside the courthouse.




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