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The Skinny

September may be too soon to judge progress in Iraq, election overhaul plodding along and one couple’s refusal to pay income taxes.

Woodward And Brooks Spar On ‘Meet The Press’

Bob Woodward and David Brooks debate the Iraq war.

Tough Times At The ‘Times’

The NY Times public editor calls on the paper to cover itself as it struggles financially.

No Sympathy For Condi

Secretary of State Condi Rice failed to get op-ed published.

Will The Fairness Doctrine Be Revived?

Some Democrats in Congress are pushing efforts to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine.

Howard Kurtz

The July 15th Bill Kristol article  In The Washington Post is highly recommended by President Bush.


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is facing more combative guests lately.

Media Transparency

If the media wants more respect then they should be more transparent.

A Shake-Up At CNN?

MSNBC’s recent ratings surge could portend changes at CNN.

Rather’s Revival

Dan Rather is adapting to the digital age on his news program.

Know Thy Anthem

The Belgian prime minister-in-waiting dug himself a deeper hole when he flubbed the national anthem









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