Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

GOP presidential candidates not sold on “surge”, the Harry Potter effect debunked and a looming bat shortage.

Campaign Web Sites Lack Balance

There may be some substance on presidential candidate web sites, but there isn’t much balance.

Teens Ignore News

A new study by Harvard University shows that 60 percent of American teenagers largely ignore the news.

Weaker Web Traffic For Newspaper Web Sites

Web traffic weakened in June at newspaper sites according to a Wachovia Securities report.

Outside the ‘Boys Club’

CBS News anchor Katie Couric struggles to find her niche.


Efforts to bring back the Fairness Doctrine are anything but.

Top 30 Newspaper Web Sites In June

The top 30 newspaper web sites ranked by unique visitors in June. Finds Political Content A Headache

The online and offline staff are at odds over web sites’ political content.

Howard Kurtz

The GOP stumbles on the morality issue.

A Little More Free Speech In Canada

The Canadian Air Transit Safety Authority has relaxed the rules at airports on Canadians talking about guns and bombs.











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