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The Skinny

It appears that our country’s politicians are not the only people continually tortured by the presence of YouTube.

The Pelosi Plane

The “Evening News” was the only nightly newscast to cover the Pelosi plane dustup last night.

‘Frontline’: News Media Under Siege

The timing could hardly be better. “News War” is a “Frontline” probe into the modern Fourth Estate, embattled from many directions.

Edwards Campaign Fires Bloggers

John Edwards fired two campaign bloggers after complaints from the Cathloic League accused them of being”anti-Catholic vulgar trash-talking bigots.”

Edwards Keeps Bloggers

John Edwards condemns comments made by bloggers, but keeps them on his staff.

Muslims Helping School In Legal Battle Over Niqab Ban

A Muslim group has offered to help fund a school’s legal battle over its refusal to let a pupil wear the niqab in class.

Zimbabwe’s Economy Collapsing

President Robert Mugabe’s polices have wrecked this once prosperous nation.

Liberal Bloggers Paying For Goldberg’s Bet

Progressive bloggers pledged about $800 as of this morning toward the $1,000 that Jonah Goldberg said — on Feb. 8, 2005 — he’d give the USO if the Iraq War was still going badly in 2007

Cronkite Speaks Out At Columbia University

Pressures by media companies to generate ever-greater profits are threatening the very freedom the nation was built upon, former CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite warned Thursday.

‘NYT” Iraq Coverage Will Not Drop After Reporter’s Departure

John Burns, one of The New York Times’ most respected reporters and a longtime figure in the paper’s Iraq coverage, said he has mixed feelings about leaving the war-torn coverage to take over the paper’s London bureau later this year.

Green Offers To Buy Air America

Stephen L. Green has offered $4.25 million for the assets of Air America Radio, the liberal talk-radio network, setting up an auction for the company, court documents show.

PEJ Talk Show Index

For the week ending February 2, 2007

Libby Trial

Why can’t the media just get over themselves?

Mainstrem Media Wants To Tke Back Control

Media types are gathering in Miami at the We The Media conference.

Howard Kurtz

This Air Pelosi story is gaining altitude.

The Recycled Coffin

An Australian funeral company is offering coffins made of recycled paper and cardboard as part of a move towards more environmentally friendly funerals.

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