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The Daily Wrap February 28, 2007

The Skinny

Californians [1] shell out big bucks for politicians.

Gore Love

Thanks to the Oscar win and media fawning Al Gore [2]is now “cool”.

FOIA Requests Still Slothful

Despite an order by President Bush to speed up FOIA [3] responses the backlog has actually increased.

Clinton Campaign Prevents Reporters from Attending Fundraiser

Hillary Clinton’s [4]presidential campaign barred reporters from attending a fundraising event when they arrived late.

Asian Paper Stirs Controversy Over Column on Blacks

An article in the AsianWeek [5]newspaper titled “Why I Hate Blacks” has Asian leaders in San Francisco in a tizzy.

‘Frontline’ Interview with Ken Auletta

Ken Auletta [6]talks about the chilly White House/Press relations.

Is Katie Helping Charlie?

Charles Gibson [7]has jumped to the top of the evening news rating heap and he may have Katie Couric to thank.

Peretz Sells Out, Changes Coming at The New Republic

Part owner and editor in chief Marty Peretz [8]has sold his share of the magazine which will be redesigned.

‘Slow Bleed’ Confession

John Harris [9]claims that he coined “slow bleed” before John Murtha.

Feeling Sorry for Hillary

Jon Friedman [10]thinks maybe Hillary could use a Media Training 101 course.

How the Internet Has Changed Journalism

Transcript from an interview with Lowell Bergman [11]on PBS’ “Frontline”.

Howard Kurtz

Al Gore [12]is on a roll.

Have a Pet? Get a Date

A new Dutch [13]web site has launched to unite pet lovers in love.