Accuracy in Media

‘60 Minutes’ and the War

The “60 Minutes” story Sunday on military personnel critical of the war has emotions riding high.

The Skinny

Vice President Dick Cheney flies to Pakistan to visit with Musharraf.

Comic Strip Sparks Complaints

Readers were upset at what appeared to be a soldier being killed by an IED in a comic strip.

When Bad News Is Good News

The recent bursting of the newspaper valuation bubble is actually good news for journalism.

Celebrity Coverage and the Woodward Touch

The coverage of Anna Nicole, Britney and company could use the Bob Woodward touch.

2008 Campaign Tops News Index

The 2008 campaign topped the PEJ News Coverage Index for the latest week.

Hatfill Settles Libel Suit

Steven Hatfill who was named a “person of interest” by invesitgators has settled his $10 million libel suit against Vanity Fair and Reader’s Digest.

Tabloid TV is Back

The death of Anna Nicole Smith has the media falling all over itself.

Village Voice Poaches another Sun Staffer

Deborah Kobren the city editor of the New York Sun has joined the Voice as the managing editor.

Howard Kurtz

ABC’s Bob Woodruff is back.

Where’s The Beef?

Even Clara Peller would be able to spot the beef in this burger if she were alive today.



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