Accuracy in Media

Chaining the Elderly

An Australian television reporter is suspended after staging a news story about an 84-year old woman being chained to  cupboard in her nursing home room.

Tyndall Launches Blog

Andrew Tyndall has launched a blog on the nightly network newscasts complete with video links.

No Love for the Bloggers

Tony Snow and White House correspondents concluded that they don’t really like bloggers very much.

The Skinny

Illegal Immigration slows according to the New York Times.

More from ‘Frontline’

An excerpt of an interview with Washington Post executive editor Len Downie.

Iraq NewsTops Latest PEJ Index

News on Iraq topped the news for the latest PEJ index period with interest in Iran surging.

Howard Kurtz

Geffen spurns Clinton for Obama

Turning to the Web for Political Information

A new survey by Doubleclick shows 42% of those polled use the web for political information.

BBC Article has Bloggers Worried

A BBC News article outlining a contingency plan by the U.S. to attack Iran concerns bloggers.

ASU Breaks Ground on Cronkite J-School

Walter Cronkite addressed a packed event surrounding the groundbreakng of a journalism school bearing his name.

Cookie High

Chilean police arrested an Argentine woman for allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine to Spain in chocolate cookies.


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