Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

With the proposed merger of satellite radio companies what does that mean for Howard Stern and Oprah?

McCain and the Press

John McCain isn’t a media darling anymore.

Latest Gallup Poll Good News for Obama and Clinton

A new Gallup survey shows that over 90% of Amricans woul vote for a black or a woman as president.

Muslim Girl Loses Appeal on Veil Ban

A 12-year old Muslim girl in Great Britain has lost her appeal challenging her school’s ban on the full-face veil.

Bomber Caught Wearing Burka

London bombing suspect Yassin Omar was caught on closed circuit tv disgusied as a woman in a burka at a crowded bus station.

Muslims Criticize U.K. Schools

Islamic leaders accuse British schools of failing to respect Muslim children

Howard Kurtz

Satellite radio fills a void according to Kurtz

Press Struggles In Covering Diverse Presidential Field

The campaign coverage of the 2008 presidential candidates has been awkward at best.

BBC Answers ANC Charges

The BBC has sent the ANC a written statement challenging the ANC’s charges of racism.

Korean Bank Sends Single Employees on a Blind Date

A South Korean bank is sending a group of single female employees on a blind date trip to North Korea.



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