Accuracy in Media

Iraqi Bloggers

Dispatches from Iraq War bloggers.

Lincoln Beats Reagan

A new Gallup poll finds that Abraham Lincoln is considered to be the greatest U.S. president ever.

Safire Reflects on ‘Leaking’ for Nixon

Excerpts from the PBS “Frontline” interview with William Safire.

Cable News’ Ego Trip

Oned writer declares the cable news space as “The Big Ego Hour”.

CNN Nabs Fox News Anchor

Kiran Chetry let go by Fox News Channel after a dispute is quickly hired by CNN.

PBS Ombudsman Criticizes PBS

Michael Getler criticized PBS for accepting a pharmaceutical sponsorship.

Paper Thrives on the Web

While most papers in the U.S. struggle to make their digital content profitable, one Norweigan paper is raking it in.

ANC Accuses the BBC of Being Racist

The BBC, the darling of the left is being accused of racism by the ANC.

Immigrants Rising

Great Britain admitted it didn’y know how many legal immigrants it has living in the country.



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