Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

Is e-mail as addicting as cocaine?

Hillary and the Media

How Hillary Clinton is handling the press.

Fox to Air Conservative News Show

Fox will air their answer to “The Daily Show” beginning this Sunday. Plus an interview with Joel Surnow.

Woodward and Bernstein on ‘Frontline’

Some excerpts from the Woodward and Bernstein interiews on PBS’ “Frontline” program on the media.

Olbermann to Sign New Contract

MSNBC is expected to announce that it has signed “Countdown” host Keith Olbermann to a new long-term contract.

AP and Citizen Journalists

More on the AP and NowPublic link up.

Obama’s A-Rod

The man behind Sen. Barack Obama’s message.

Howard Kurtz

Mitt Romney’s religion dominates the coverage of his presidential announcement.

Old Media Lives!

More on the ongoing debate on whether or not old media has succumbed to new media.

Greenpeace Stops Nuke Plant

Environmental group Greenpeace has for now stopped the British government from building a new nuclear plant.

Google Earth Finds a New Use in Iraq

The internet based mapping product is being used by some to target sectarian neighborhoods for bombing.

Singing Your Heart Out

A Korean woman sang nearly 1,000 songs in just under 60 hours to claim a world record.

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