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The Daily Wrap February 13, 2007

‘24’ Profile

Joel Surnow’s [1]politics goes against the grain in Hollyood.

Media Backtracking On Iran Weapons Charges

The New York Times questions [2] earlier stories on Iran-Iraq weapons link.

‘News War’

PBS’  “Frontline” tonight [3]begins a four part series on the media and the war.

Bush on C-SPAN

The President was interviewed by C-SPAN [4].

Tony Snow The Sports Nut

The White House press briefing turned to “softball [5]” questions.

PEJ News Coverage Index  Feb. 4-9, 2007

Stories about Anna Nicole Smith [6]finished a close third during the week.

The Media And The 2008 Campaign

Th media [7]may take a hit on the business side from media reforms being discussed by some candidates.

Air Ameica Auction

Liberal [8] talk radio network to being auctioned on Friday.

Ombudsman May Need An Ombudsman

The Washington Post Ombudsman [9]is critiqued by CJR Daily.

Web Journalism

Are J-Schools [10]doing a good job of training students for the web?

Howard Kurtz

President [11]Bush gets less ink than Anna Nicole Smith.

Prisoner of Love

If you need some tough [12]love on Valentine’s Day then hotprisonpals.com may be for you.