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The Skinny

Vice President Dick Cheney continues to stress that there was a Saddam Hussein-al Qaeda link.

New York Times Web Site Still Number One remained the most highly visited newspaper web site in February.

Former Iraqi Official Rips The U.S.

A new book from former Iraqi government official Ali A. Allawi is very critical of the U.S. occupation in Iraq.

Clinton Investigates Clinton

Bill Clinton is urging researchers at his presidential library and Harlem offices to investigate him.

Another Imus Flap

Don Imus apologized last week for comments that he and his producer made about the Rutgers University women’s basketball team, but the controversy hasn’t totally blown over yet.

Jesse Jackson protests Imus.

Imus ssays he is a good person.

Couric Is Patient Despite Low Ratings

Dan Rather had his “courage” now Katie Couric is professing patience as she tries to become a serious newscaster.

CNN Sticks With Hard News

CNN announced that it was only changing the anchors not the format of its flagging morning show.

Maybe CNN should get “serious.”

Howard Kurtz

The latest first quarter ratings for the “Today” show with new co-host Meredith Vieira are the lowest in  11 years.

Move Over Tiger

She may be no Tiger Woods, but 102-year old Elsie McLean did hit a hole-in-one to become the oldest golfer to ever to do so.







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