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The Skinny

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has been lying low this week.

Thompson (Fred) for President?

Sources close to Fred Thompson said that he is assembling the nucleus of a campaign.

DNC Doesn’t Want Fox

The DNC has officially sanctioned six debates and Fox News won’t be a part of them.

One Big Machine

Media expansion has resulted in one mammoth machine.

Across The Media Universe

The Thai government has blocked access to YouTube over a clip appeared mocking the king.

Paper Urges Cheney to Run in 2008

The New York Sun in an editorial urged Vice-President Dick Cheney to throw his hat into the ring.

‘Gay Mafia’ At The New York Times?

Out magazine says there is a queer cabal at the Times even though many of the men don’t know each other.

Koppel’s Cloudy Crystal Ball

Ted Koppel won’t be remembered for making great predictions.

Discovery Announces Green Channel

The Discovery Channel will rebrand the Discovery Home Channel in 2008 to focus on green living.

Shareholder Revolt At The New York Times

A large institutional shareholder advocate is pressing outside investors to withhold votes for the outside directors of the paper.

Howard Kurtz

The campaigns could use a little substance.

No Votes, No Problem

For Joe Selle forgetting to vote for himself didn’t cost him his City Council seat.





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