Accuracy in Media

Gender Rights For Animals

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has asked that the AP stylebook be changed to refer to animals as “he,” “she,” and “who” in the future.

Howard Kurtz

On the campaign trail with quotes and misquotes.

Bad News About McCain May Be Good News

Is the McCain camp using an old Bush campaign tactic?

Spiked Story Creates Controversy

The L.A. Times is trying to quell the furor over the spiking of a story on Armenian genocide.

PEJ Talk Show Index

The Virginia Tech tragedy was  the top topic for alk sho hosts in the latest survey week.

Investigative Journalism Deteriorates

Fearing the loss of future access the U.S. media only digs so far to report a story.

‘Finders Keepers’

A Nebraska man was charged with felony theft after he spent $80,000 mistakenly deposited in his bank account.


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