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The Daily Wrap April 26, 2007

Taking Issue With Moyers

CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller [1]thinks Bill Moyers is wrong.


There are different rules [2] if a non -NBC outlet wants to carry the MSNBC sponsoed Democratic presisential debate.

The Dean Disease

DNC Chairman Howard Dean [3]comments on the media.

What McCain Honeymoon

John McCain [4]may have worn out his welcome with the media.

Media Bush-Bashing

Rupert Murdoch [5]says the media is unfair to President Bush.

Imus Redux

Asian American [6]groups are calling on CBS Radio to fire two shock-jocks who made racially insensitive remarks on the air.

Enaging Readers Has Its Risks

Newspapers [7] have found that alllowing readers to post online comments is not risk-free.

Soda Spill Lands Man In Jail

A Mobile [8] (AL) man was put in jail for spilling sodas at a convenience store.