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The Skinny

The Los Angeles Times reports that their will be a federal probe of Karl Rove.

Shareholders Show Displeasure With ‘Times’ Board

At the New York Times annual meeting shareholders withheld a whopping 42% of the vote for the directors of the beleaguered company.

Newspaper Readership Is Growing (Sort Of)

A new report issued yesterday revealed that when web site traffic is taken into account the newspaper audience is growing not shrinking.

Regrets About The “Breck Girl” Comment

Ater the John Edwards haircut flap, the reporter who helped spread a “Bush associate” comment calling Edwards “the Breck Girl of politics” in 2003 regrets his role.

NBC Exec Defends Airing ‘Cho’ Video

NBC News President Steve Capus called the airing of Virginia Tech killer Seung-Hui Cho’s video and writings “good journalism.”

A Washington ‘Catfight’

The New York Observer gives a rundown of the “catfight” between Ana Marie Cox and Eric Alterman.

Using Your Head

A London toddler got his head stuck in his toilet training seat and needed the help of firefighters to remove it.





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