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The Daily Wrap April 24, 2007

Shareholder Revolt At The New York Times

The Sulzberger clan [1]isn’t in any danger of losing control of their empire, but they could suffer a serious jolt to their ego at today’s shareholder meeting.

The Couric Problem

Will Katie [2]become the next Jane Pauley?

Are Katie’s Days Numbered?

How long can CBS afford to keep Katie Couric [3]on the Evening News?

Howard Kurtz

I guess Bill Clinton’s $200 haircut was a bargain compared to the $400 John Edwards [4]spent on each of his two haircuts.

CBS Radio Suspends Radio Hosts

CBS Radio [5]has suspended two talk show hosts after complaints from an Asian-American advocacy group.

Newspapers And Blogs Aren’t That Different

A new study shows that when it comes to coverage of the war, newspapers and blogs use almost the same number of sources [6]though the sources are very different.

A Beautiful Bulldog

Riggs [7], a 3-year old male bulldog won the annual “Beautiful Bulldog” contest in Des Moines