Accuracy in Media

Shareholder Revolt At The New York Times

The Sulzberger clan isn’t in any danger of losing control of their empire, but they could suffer a serious jolt to their ego at today’s shareholder meeting.

The Couric Problem

Will Katie become the next Jane Pauley?

Are Katie’s Days Numbered?

How long can CBS afford to keep Katie Couric on the Evening News?

Howard Kurtz

I guess Bill Clinton’s $200 haircut was a bargain compared to the $400 John Edwards spent on each of his two haircuts.

CBS Radio Suspends Radio Hosts

CBS Radio has suspended two talk show hosts after complaints from an Asian-American advocacy group.

Newspapers And Blogs Aren’t That Different

A new study shows that when it comes to coverage of the war, newspapers and blogs use almost the same number of sources though the sources are very different.

A Beautiful Bulldog

Riggs, a 3-year old male bulldog won the annual “Beautiful Bulldog” contest in Des Moines

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