Accuracy in Media

Newspaper Web Traffic Soars

The National Newspaper Association said newspaper web site traffic set a new record in the first quarter.

Chicago Sun-Times Sparks Furor With Virginia Tech Error

The Chicago Sun-Times misidentified the killer at Virginia Tech as Chinese touching off a furor.

USA Today Hooks Up With New Web Site

Start-up web site Politico has arranged with USA Today to supply the paper with political news.

Howard Kurtz

The media’s coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings comes into question.

CBS Sues Station Over Imus Reruns

CBS Radio sued a San Bernardino (CA) station for rebroadcasting Imus shows after the shock jock was fired.

Free Radio Popular With Digital Subscribers

As a whole digital radio fans listen to traditional radio more than non-digital listeners.

BBC To Cut Local News

In the midst of a huge cost cutting wave the BBC is planning to axe their regional television news programs.

The Price Of Vanity

A surge in demand for plastic surgery has led a Lebanese bank to start offering loans to those wanting the procedure.


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