Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

With the Supreme Court’s ruling Wednesday abortion becomes a campaign issue.

Moyers Faults Press Coverage of Iraq War

Bill Moyers blasts the media in his broadcast slated to be aired next Wednesday.

Sean Penn Wins ‘Metaphor Off’

Actor Sean Penn beat Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert in the much hyped “metaphor off.”

O’Reilly Producer Stalks Reporter

O’Reilly Factor producer Porter Berry is accused of stalking a Denver Post reporter to get an ambush interview.

Imus Coverage Tops The Latest PEJ News Coverage Index

Over 60% of the minutes in cable and radio talk shows were devoted to Imus according to the latest PEJ survey.

Cho TV

Did the networks go overboard with the coverage of Virginia Tech killer ChoSeung-Hui?

Howard Kurtz

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ testimony was overshadowed by the ongoing Virginia Tech coverage.

Deluxe Portable Toilets At Prom

The Magnolia (Arkansas) High School prom will be using portable bathrooms with hand washing stations due to plumbimg problems at the local armory.



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