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The Skinny

Rudy Giuliani is distancing himself from his former police commissioner Bernard Kerik.

Online News Popular With Young People

The latest NAA survey shows that online newspaper readership grew almost 14% in the important 25-34 demographic.

McCain Critical of Iraq War Coverage

Sen. John McCain in Baghdad critcized reports that focused on violence and not on progess in Iraq.

U.S. Pullout Could Lead To Civil War in Iraq

Nancy Youssef who headed McClatchy’s Baghdad bureau for nearly a year and a half said Friday that if the U.S. withdrew too quickly that civil war would result.

Cheney Yuks It Up At Dinner

Vice President Dick Cheney filling in for President Bush shows his lighter side.

Judy Miller Comments on Libby Subpoenas

Former New York Times reporter Judith Miller says the media should not have given in when subpoenaed in the Libby trial.

Williams Not Worried

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams isn’t worried about losing the ratings battle to ABC in five of the last seven weeks.

Howard Kurtz

The Elizabeth Edwards story just won’t go away.

Judge ‘Larry’?

The judge in the Anna Nicole Smith case is in discussion to host his own show.

Boozed News

A new study published in the winter 2007 volume of Journalism History reviews the lives of 187 “journalist-literary figures” and their affinity for booze and other vices.

Bad Bunnies

A New Zealand environmental body wants people to come up with an alternative symbol for Easter




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