Accuracy in Media

The Skinny

Imus, Iraq and other news in the headlines.

Couric Revives Madrassa Rumors

Katie Couric has revived the Madrassa rumors and possible connection to Barack Obama.

Thank You Imus

Maybe Katie Couric should thank Imus for providing cover for her own missetps last week.

Imus Controversy Brews on ‘Meet The Press’

Gwen Ifill crticizes David Brooks and Tim Russert for their silence on the Imus controversy.

Al Jazeera English on YouTube

YouTube will now carry the Al Jazeera English channel.

Howard Kurtz

The media frenzy surrounding Don Imus overshadowed the injustice done to the Duke lacrosse players.

Fake News More Popular Than Real News

A new Pew study found that more people pay attention to fke news like “The Colbert Report” than real news sites.

Imus Watch

Newsweek reports on the Imus controversy.

Imus helps revive play.

Ignore him.

Hot Seat

A Japanese toilet maker was forced to aplogize after some of its high tech toilets caught fire.



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