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The Daily Wrap April 11, 2007

The Skinny

No love for the I-Man [1]after his remarks about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.

CBS News  Producer Fired For Plagiarizing

A CBS News [2]producer was fired for lifting pieces of a Wall Street Journal article for a Katie Couric video essay.

Paper Moves Iraq Column To The Op-Ed Page

The Savannah [3](GA) Morning News has decided to move a column written by a U.S. Army commander in Iraq from the news section to the op-ed page.

‘Chicago Tribune’ Changes Its Tune On The Death Penalty

The Chicago Tribune [4]which had supported the death penalty since at least 1869 has changed its mind.

Morning Women Shifting To ABC

Nielsen ratings show that ABC’s Good Morning America [5]has gained adult women viewers at the expense of the Couric less Today Show.

Imus Watch

Shock jock Don Imus [6]has few defenders.

Has the Imus [7] franchise been irreperably damaged?


The New York Times [8]can’t get enough of opinion pieces for its web site.

Howard Kurtz

Imus [9]may not be as racist as some of his critics.

Air Freshener

Ogden (UT) wants to set up a committee [10]to ban objectionable odors.