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The Skinny

No love for the I-Man after his remarks about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.

CBS News  Producer Fired For Plagiarizing

A CBS News producer was fired for lifting pieces of a Wall Street Journal article for a Katie Couric video essay.

Paper Moves Iraq Column To The Op-Ed Page

The Savannah (GA) Morning News has decided to move a column written by a U.S. Army commander in Iraq from the news section to the op-ed page.

‘Chicago Tribune’ Changes Its Tune On The Death Penalty

The Chicago Tribune which had supported the death penalty since at least 1869 has changed its mind.

Morning Women Shifting To ABC

Nielsen ratings show that ABC’s Good Morning America has gained adult women viewers at the expense of the Couric less Today Show.

Imus Watch

Shock jock Don Imus has few defenders.

Has the Imus franchise been irreperably damaged?


The New York Times can’t get enough of opinion pieces for its web site.

Howard Kurtz

Imus may not be as racist as some of his critics.

Air Freshener

Ogden (UT) wants to set up a committee to ban objectionable odors.








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