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The Skinny

The Los Angeles Times raises questions about a private e-mail system used by Karl Rove .

The GOP Tries to Regain Its Grip In Kansas

Republicans lost ground in Kansas in the last election and are struggling to regain their footing in a once solidly red state.

Some In Newsroom Upset By Iraq Commander Column

A newspaper column by Maj. Gen Rick Lynch has sparked some controversy at the Savannah (Ga) Morning News.

Associated Press Responds To Critical ‘Sun’ Column

The AP fights back against Baltimore Sun column critical of its operations.

The Iran Hostage Drama Tops The News Again

Stories surrounding the the capture of British sailors by Iran topped the latest PEJ News Index.

Imus Watch

Radio talk show host Don Imus is under some unwelcome scrutiny.

Imus calls his suspension appropriate.

Howard Kurtz

Speculation is swirling around the rumor that Hillary Clinton tries to enlist in the Marine Corps.

Why The Media Failed In Iraq

The press didn’t do enough to challenge America’s leaders on the war.

Reporter Recalls Covering Iraq

A former L.A. Times bureau chief in Iraq recalls his experiences in reporting the news during the war.

Media Bias Poll is polling readers on media bias.

Muslim Set To Become Lord Mayor of Bristol

Abdul Malik, a city councillor is about to become Bristol’s first Muslim Lord Mayor next month.

After Hours Porn At The Board Of Education

Union City (NJ) school officials are trying to figure out who ran up $250 in adult movie charges using the cable boxes at the Board of Education building.




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