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P> Don?t you just love it when politicians pass the buck? The latest example of this is in Virginia where the Herndon Town Council voted last night to build a taxpayer funded day labor center. The center has spawned a lot of unwanted attention on Herndon and has become a lightning rod for supporters and opponents of immigration enforcement and reform.

The council thinks that throwing $175,000 of taxpayer money will solve the problem of mostly illegal aliens congregating in public and being disruptive to local businesses. I think it will be more like the ?Field of Dreams? movie where Kevin Costner was told ?If you build it, they will come.? In other words expect more workers and more traffic and safety issues.

In addressing the issue of illegal immigration council member Harlon Reece said ?here we sit, expecting this local government to resolve a national immigration problem that is out of our control.? That?s just great. He says the situation is out of their control and yet he votes to build a center to help illegal aliens. This makes perfect sense to me. I don?t want to absolve the federal governments responsibility in enforcing the immigration laws, which they aren?t, but to pass the buck so blithely is ridiculous.

The center in Herndon isn?t the first one to be built and definitely won?t be the last. The only reason these places are felt to be necessary is that people continue to hire them to perform jobs at their homes and businesses at below market rates. Most of the money they earn doesn?t even stay here but is wired back to their homeland. That?s a big help to our economy. Combine that with lax immigration enforcement and you have a near paradise situation for illegal aliens.

I wonder how this would have played out next year when the council will be up for re-election? Would the vote still have been 5-2 in favor of the center? I don?t think so. Hopefully the voters will have a long memory and make a much needed change.

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