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molly ball the atlantic on cnn

Appearing on CNN’s Inside Politics on Sunday, The Atlantic’s political writer Molly Ball said that Hillary Clinton is running on policy “because she can’t run on character:”

…I think that’s why she is running so aggressively on policy is because she can’t really run on character. And so she’s using policy as a substitute by saying ‘it’s the Republicans’ policies versus my policies’…

Ball was responding to the Associated Press’ Julie Pace citation of a new CNN poll released last week that showed that 57 percent of voters don’t believe Hillary is trustworthy, and that less than half (47 percent) believe that Clinton cares about people like them.

Pace pointed out that Mitt Romney faced similar problems from voters in 2012 about whether or not he cared about them, and said it was the “death knell” for his campaign. She said that Clinton will have to boost the way people feel about her and her empathy for them if she wants to avoid a similar result.

That won’t be easy for Hillary, as her wealth has made her anything but a poster child for the working class.


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