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Left-wing MSNBC host Ed Schultz, who just returned from a one-week suspension for calling conservative radio host Laura Ingraham a “right wing slut,” was back in form last night as he attacked Andrew Breitbart for his role in the Weinergate scandal.

What upset Schultz was the release yesterday of  a very explicit shot of Weiner’s private parts. He accused Breitbart of using the shock jocks Opie and Anthony to do his dirty work and release the picture after he said he wouldn’t do so.

Schultz: The right-wing hack Andrew Breitbart, I guess you could say got lucky with the Anthony Weiner story, but his elevation into the world of journalism lasted about one day. Just yesterday morning Breitbart was asked if he planned to release the X-rated photo he said he had of Anthony Weiner.

Schultz then showed Breitbart’s interview on the Today Show and played the Opie and Anthony radio interview with Breitbart, where he reiterated that he had no plans to make the picture public.

Rather than blame Opie and Anthony, who blamed a listener for the leaked photo, Schultz continued to pick on Breitbart:

Schultz: So the convenient avenue Breitbart passed around the X-rated photo. And don’t you know the photo was later tweeted by Opie and Anthony and they of course are claiming one of their viewers did from the stream. Breitbart is crying foul  saying that Opie and Anthony, well they violated his trust. Sure Breitbart. You just let Opie and Anthony do your dirty work.

Schultz had to bite his tongue for a day after Weiner apologized to Breitbart, which must have pained Ed to no end, but he wasted no time in jumping all over Breitbart over the release of yesterday’s photo even though he didn’t directly or purposely do it.

Maybe Breitbart shouldn’t have trusted Opie and Anthony in the first place. After all they aren’t called shock jocks for nothing. But Schultz’s desire to smear Breitbart seems to have overtaken any shred of reasonableness that he may have had.

Bretibart 1, Liberals 0

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