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There’s nothing like a war to solidify our nation’s teachers with the far left. On March 5th a new group called Educators To Stop The War held a conference in New York City to try and figure out how to work anti-war material into their curriculum.

Workshops at the conference ranged from “Women, War and Violence” , “Creating a Student Ant-War Movement High School Session to “Teaching War and Peace K-6.”

I can see it now, a group of kindergarteners making posters saying “War is not the ANSWER”

The group tries to make a case that the increased level of interest in the military is due to the lack of options for graduates and that economics drives students to sign up. They totally discount the notion that patriotism or the desire to combat terrorism has anything to do with it. So once again the left is separated from reality.

The concluding speaker, Barbara Bowen, PSC-CUNY president, asked the audience “How does a conference become a campaign? How does a conference become a movement? … There really isn’t a national or local movement against the war, despite the fact that millions around the world oppose this war and many of us in this room have worked on organizing. But we haven’t stopped the war … When we leave here today, we need to leave with this question in mind.”

What is clear from this conference is that the indoctrination from the left is no longer relegated to our colleges and universities but has now trickled down to even the elementary school level. As a parent I am fed up with the teachers unions and their far left allies trying to turn our nation’s children into a bunch of anti-American, anti-war , peace loving activists.

The time is now to take a stand and fight this menace to society.

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