Accuracy in Media

Last month in Washington DC a brand new 2007 Hummer H2 SUT (Sport Utility Truck) was viscously attacked by eco-vandals who smashed every window, slashed every tire and scrawled the words “For The Environ” on the vehicle.

The H2 whose list price is $54,000 and which owner Gareth Groves paid $38,000 for was in a state of shock over the attack in the upscale northwest DC neighborhood where he lives with his mother.

To the media it was a great story.  Angry environmentalists destroy a large gas guzzling vehicle instead of treating it as the hate crime that it actually was.  After all hate crimes are only supposed to occur in matters of race, or religion right?  They can’t possibly apply to environmental activists who destroy personal property in the name of saving the environment.  For many the environment is a religion. 

In this case the Washington Post showed it’s true bias by all but applauding the criminals with their headline of “Hummer Owner Gets Angry Message: Vandals Batter D.C. Man’s SUV, Slash Tires and Scratch In an Eco Note.”  Then to further bias the reader they describe the Hummer as a “seven-foot-tall behemoth” that was “too massive to fit in his garage.”  It was as if the paper was telling Groves “How dare you park such a large vehicle on a narrow street, you got what you deserved,” rather than express outrage at the crime.

Poor Gareth Groves.  All he wanted was a vehicle he could enjoy.  Instead thanks to the media he became the latest victim of the politically correct environmental movement.

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