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MSNBC may be the number two cable news network, but when it comes to being trusted as the number one news source, the network comes in dead last, even trailing Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, according to a new survey by Brookings Institution and Public Religion Research Institute.

Fox News Channel led the way as the most trusted news source by 25 percent of respondents, followed closely by broadcast news (23 percent), CNN (17 percent), public television (12 percent), The Daily Show (8 percent) and MSNBC in last place, with just 5 percent considering it to be the most trusted source.

Not only did MSNBC trail a fake news show, but compared to the other sources, even its target audience—liberals and Democrats—don’t rate it number one when it comes to trust.

Just 10 percent of Democrats and liberals said they trust MSNBC the most, to provide accurate information about politics and current events, compared to The Daily Show which had the support of 9 percent of the Democrats and 17 percent of the liberals. Both sources trailed broadcast news, with 31 percent of Democrats and 24 percent of liberals listing that as the most trusted news source.

Democrats may criticize Fox News for being too right-wing, or of being too closely tied to the Republican Party, but more Democrats rank Fox News as the most accurate (6 percent) than Republicans who rank MSNBC as the most accurate (1 percent). Apparently MSNBC is falling backwards, instead of Lean(ing) Forward, with its target audience.

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