Accuracy in Media

Last week high school and college students around the country participated in “The World Can’t Wait: Drive Out The Bush Regime” rally. Organizers had hoped to hold this walkout and protest in more than 70 cities, 45 colleges and 75 high schools but looking at the reports on their website they fell far short of those goals as well as the total number of demonstrators.

In the Los Angeles area about 800 high school students walked out from 10 schools out of 53 in the district. They were joined by another 1,200 or so protestors and managed to create some traffic tie ups but didn’t elicit much sympathy. One student observed that the demonstrators looked like “a swarm of ants attacking a pasty.” After all Los Angeles has over 3 million residents and the best they could do was get 2,000 people to show up?

Thousands of protestors gathered in New York City but many were members of the Revolutionary Communist Party and not students. Once again thousands in a city of over 8 million is like a speck of sand in an ocean. Finally in the heart of anti-war activism just 25 UC Berkeley students showed up to express their feelings. To top it off while one student was talking to a reporter about how they were being peaceful and not burning anything a Molotov cocktail flew by and exploded in front of the San Francisco Chronicle building where they had gone to demonstrate. Well some things never change.

The students who stayed away were smart enough to realize that the far left would use them as pawns in their war against the President and that they have the wrong ANSWER to the war in Iraq.

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