Accuracy in Media

Singer Ashlee Simpson, stumbled yet again on national television proving once again that she isn’t ready for prime time. Simpson, the younger sister of singer and reality television star Jessica Simpson “sang” during the halftime show at the Orange Bowl on January 4th. It sounded more like a wounded animal and she was roundly booed. I

n October Ashlee appeared on NBC’s Saturday Night Live show and was caught lip synching her song when she muffed her lines. She attributed that to acid reflux disease. The only excuse she had this time was a bad microphone. In a pre game interview Simpson said her new years resolutions were to learn to cook and clean. She should have added singing.

Yet, despite all the public failures she is getting ready for her second season of her reality tv show on MTV. I don’t know what’s worse, watching the sleazy music videos MTV used to run or watching the reality shows they now air.

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