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You know the president is in trouble when the ultra liberal actress Barbra Streisand expresses her disapointment.

From Mediaite

Big news! Barack Obama’s transformation to a moderate pragmatist now appears to be complete. And no, it’s not the capitulation compromise on the so-called “Bush Tax Cuts” that puts him in a more positive light amongst conservatives, nor is it a nuanced and delicate (weak?) approach to reforming Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. No, the clearest evidence to date that the Obama Administration is aiming to govern from the center is the following clip form The Larry King Show in which Barbra Streisand admits that she’s a little disappointed in Obama.

One is reminded of a story from 1993 in which Streisand is reported to have complained about Bill Clinton’s alleged meeting with Sharon Stone, saying, “Why Sharon Stone? She doesn’t know anything about policy.” Conservatives take note: your president is disappointing what you all seem to call the “Hollywood Left.” Isn’t it time that Obama gets a little credit?

Streisand also said that she left the country during the elections because she didn’t want to be a part of the bloodbath and that there was no reason for the Republicans to win that many seats.  In her mind it was more of a failure for the Democrats to get their message across for all the good things they have done.

I guess she means the stimulus program and all the jobs it created as well as passing Obamacare.

It wasn’t all negative for Obama though since Streisand thinks he is smart and cool just not forceful but it does underscore his problems he faces with the liberal left in the next two years.

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