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The Washington Times reported today that there has been a large increase in license fraud at Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration branch offices that largely serve immigrant and illegal aliens.  In response state officials are seeking emergency regulations to tighten licensing standards.

According to the Times article MVA spokesman Buel Young reported that license fraud has increased from 146 cases in 2003 to 515 in 2005, a 253 percent increase in just 2 years.  Young also told the Times that the increases in the number of cases “are more significant” at the 10 MVA branches that serve foreign born applicants who sometimes use fake documents in an effort to obtain a drivers license.

Maryland has only itself to blame for this increase as they don’t require applicants to be in the U.S. legally, but to just prove they live in the state which can be done numerous ways without actual verification.  The MVA hopes the new emergency regulations will eliminate documents “which are difficult or impossible to verify or authenticate, “said Young to the Times.

This means that first-class mail and U.S. savings bonds can’t be used as proof of residency and foreign school records and baptismal records as proof of identity.  In addition to these newly forbidden documents U.S. tax returns of less than 18 months and government photo identification cards without signatures have been added to the approved list. MVA staff would be expanded to investigate fraud.

The regulations must be approved by the General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review and it wasn’t clear as of yesterday when they would act.  That didn’t stop two pro-immigration groups from filing suit against the MVA claiming that the new regulations will make it more difficult for illegal aliens and immigrants to obtain licenses by rejecting proper paperwork. 

CASA of Maryland which is one of the groups filing suit told the Times that the new guidelines would endanger public safety by barring immigrants and illegals from getting car insurance and proper driver training.  Note that the group is sponsoring a million immigrant march in September.  Gee I wonder who will show up? Certainly not anyone from ICE.

What CASA of Maryland and groups of their ilk ignore or forget to mention is that allowing immigrants and illegal aliens to obtain licenses without verifiable documentation is an open invitation to criminals and terrorists.  Doesn’t that endanger public safety?  Getting a drivers license is akin to obtaining a license to print money.  It is like gold.

The new regulations if they are approved won’t stop the flow of illegal aliens into Maryland or even stop criminals or terrorists from operating within the state.  They will however make it a little harder and more inconvenient and will slow them down and that’s not such a bad thing.

Now if the state would only bar illegal aliens from qualifying for driver’s licenses I could rest a little easier. 

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