Accuracy in Media

While communist North Korea uses it’s nuclear ambitions to saber rattle the world, South Korean television is trying to soften the image of their neighbor and long time enemy.

In a new television program called “Exclamation Point” children from North and South Korea compete in a quiz show. While it all seems pretty innocent the show is really a sham. The producers of the show are using footage of a North Korean quiz show and by replicating the stage add footage of South Korean children so that it appears that they are actually competing head to head. In order to make it more convincing they even edited the North Korean hosts actions to make it appear that he was bantering with the children from the south.

The producers do run a disclaimer that the show is edited, but many viewers miss this important piece of information. And while some South Koreans think the show is a good idea, many others complain that the questions and the format favor the North and paints the South in a bad light.

Far from unifying the population of South Korea, this program only serves to divide the nation even further giving the North an even bigger opening. Kim Jong-il couldn’t have wished for more if he had planned it himself. Then maybe again he dd.

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