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Far-left financier George Soros came to Washington, D.C. yesterday to deliver a speech on a wide range of topics. In doing so he may have cheered up conservative while disheartening liberals when he said that Fox News can’t be neutralized:

After his speech at Cato, Soros dismissed as “a sideshow” departing Fox News host Glenn Beck, who hosted a three-part series attacking Soros as a puppet-master. But Soros asserted that Beck’s departure from Fox this month “hasn’t changed anything at Fox really.” He explained that his grants to Media Matters were an effort to hold Fox accountable, but he stressed that media slant on both sides is a problem that adds to the polarization of the national discourse.

“Neutralizing” Fox can’t be accomplished he said, “because it has an audience. But I think holding its feet to the fire is appropriate. Not only for Fox (but) the other side also in so far as they use techniques which are deceptive.”

Maybe Soros can convey that message to the far-left Media Matters, to which he has given $1.1 million, and which only last month declared a “war” on Fox News. While Soros says he thinks that holding Fox’s feet to the fire is appropriate, Media Matters announced  that their campaign will include “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” against the network, its anchors and even Rupert Murdoch.

That certainly goes well beyond trying to expose any deceptive techniques (as seen in their eyes) that Soros referred to.

Soros’ statement is further proof that no matter how hard the liberals and far left try, and how much money they spend, they won’t achieve their goal of bringing Fox down or even neutralizing the network. If they want to waste their time and energy on such a fruitless pursuit, that’s just fine with me.





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