Accuracy in Media

A few weeks ago the Obama campaign launched an anti-smear website designed to disprove what the campaign felt were false rumors about their candidate.

Now according to ABC News’ Jake Tapper the site has started naming names of those responsibile for the smear campaign.

“Who is Behind these Lies?” the campaign asks, then listing a group of names — David Bossie, Bob Perry, Floyd Brown, Craig Shirley, Bruce Hawkins, and James Lacy — and organizations that the Obama campaign calls “Smears Inc.,” tying them to previous political attacks such as the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and the Willie Horton ad.

Interestingly, the Obama campaign fails to connect any of the “Smears” it disproves to any of these charter members of Smears Inc.

Maybe because they actually don’t have any direct proof?  Since when has not having proof ever stopped the Democrats from making accusations against conservatives?

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