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sharyl attkisson on fox and friends

Former CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson said this morning on Fox and Friends that if she let the left-wing blogs and others on the left influence her, she would be only covering the weather.

I basically am trying to keep my nose to the grindstone, and if I were influenced by the left-wing blogs and the people who are trying to steer public opinion a certain way, I would be left covering pretty much nothing but the weather now.

Attkisson has stirred the ire of the left-wing media for her reporting on the Obama scandals, like Fast and Furious and, more recently, Benghazi. But they didn’t complain when she was pursuing the Bush administration’s TARP program, calling it a “bait and switch,” among other things, perhaps because they agreed with her, but also because any piling on of Bush was fine with them.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, and the truth is starting to come out about what actually happened in Benghazi in September 2012, the left is going crazy and trying to discredit Attkisson and her reporting, in an ongoing attempt to convince the public that there is no scandal.

Or, as in the case of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, the blame at least partly belongs to the murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens for making what Matthews says was a “calculated decision that went bad.” Matthews also criticized the GOP for making it into a “political thing.”

Well Chris [Matthews], four Americans lost their lives, thanks to the bungling of the Obama administration. It’s not political to want to find the truth. What’s political is going after reporters like Sharyl Attkisson who dare to tell the truth about what the Obama administration did, and for the administration to refuse to admit the truth, lest it hurt Democrats’ re-election chances in November, and Hillary’s in 2016.

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