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Al Sharpton, who is apparently still auditioning for a show on MSNBC, probably didn’t help his cause with an awkward dead-air segment Thursday night with guests Ed Rendell and Michael Steele.

Sharpton: I’ll do something that is not seen on television.  I’ll shut up.  Look what people are saying at town hall meetings Michael.

At that point Sharpton covered his mouth and waited for the clip which took nearly 20 seconds to appear all while Rendell and Steele watched nervously.

After the clip aired, Sharpton tried to make the best of it by saying that he was too fast for his staff.

He then thanked his guests for appearing, with his hand still over his mouth.

This follows on the heels of his teleprompter miscue a few weeks ago and must be making the MSNBC brass wonder if Sharpton is ready for prime time.

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