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Admittedly, I have never been a big fan of MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” promos featuring their primetime anchors speaking about issues ranging from American greatness to health care reform. But the most recent promo featuring the Rev. Al Sharpton has to be the silliest one yet.

Sharpton’s promo was shot in Brooklyn, where he grew up. He tells the story of when he was younger how he and his friends would eat their mother’s blueberry pie after coming home from school while the parents were still at work, and then deny eating the pie even though there was blueberry all over their faces.

He compared that to the Republicans who complain about the economy being bad and blame Obama and the Democrats, while in Sharpton’s opinion it’s the Republicans who have pie all over their faces and are really to blame.

As usual, Sharpton ignores the facts to try and make his point. Obama knows it’s his economy, Joe Biden knows it’s Obama’s economy and most people know that it’s the Democrats who don’t want to cut spending or taxes or take any of the steps that are going to be necessary to put the economy back on the right track.

The promo for MSNBC may have been for its “Lean Forward” campaign, but Sharpton’s contribution was clearly a giant step backward.

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