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MSNBC host Al Sharpton is donning his activist hat today to lead a march in Washington for jobs and justice with the aim of helping President Obama get his jobs bill passed.

Sharpton told CNN that the President’s jobs bill will create 1.9 million jobs and is the only one that has been presented. He must have missed the Real American Jobs Act that was presented by Senate Republicans this week.

It’s about jobs, the President’s bill is the only bill that has been presented that would give 1.9 million jobs, but we are coming by the thousands from around the country on this weekend that we’re dedicating Martin Luther King’s monument to say you can’t make a memorial to Dr. King and not to deal with what Dr. King stood for.  We have 9.1 unemployment, 9.1 percent unemployment, over 16 percent in the black community. No one is talking about the urgency of jobs.

While somewhat supportive of Obama, Sharpton hit on the same problem that Rep. Maxine Waters complained about in August — that there is a huge unemployment problem in the black community and that the administration isn’t addressing the issue.

Sharpton also told CNN that maybe this demonstration will result in the passage of the President’s jobs bill.

You have not have had a major demonstration like this around jobs particularly in the African-American community ’til today and we’ve got nothing done.  Maybe if we dramatize it. Maybe if we do like Occupation Wall Street people will see that the masses of people want to see some solutions some legislation passed like the President’s bill.

What Sharpton and his fellow liberals fail to realize or admit is that spending money to try and create jobs is at best a short-term fix and a long-term failure. We already spent $787 billion in an effort to revive the economy and bring down unemployment and all we wound up with was more debt. Obama’s  jobs bill will only be more of the same.

If Sharpton wants to emulate Occupy (not Occupation) Wall Street, no one is going to stop him. But it will only make him look more like the lunatic fringe than he currently does, and I don’t think that’s his goal.


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