Accuracy in Media

When I was a teenage I did my best to avoid using the main bathrooms as it was more than likely that students found them to be very convenient to catch a smoke. As time has passed many of the bathrooms also had doors removed to prevent this type of behavior and worse.

Now comes the Los Angeles Unified School District with a restroom hotline on their web site. At first I thought that this was done in the name of safety but when I clicked on the link this is what appeared;

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is committed to educating all students to their maximum potential. That means ensuring that our students have the necessary tools and an environment conducive to learning. Clean, working school restrooms are fundamental to that process. To ensure that all students have access to functioning restrooms at their schools, the District has a toll-free restroom hotline, (800) 495-1191. Students, staff and the community can call the hotline to register their concerns about the conditions of school restrooms or to report individuals who are seen vandalizing bathroom facilities. The District’s maintenance and operations division will follow up.

I predict that as a result of this policy it will only be a matter of time before a failing student sues the school system for not providing a completely functioning bathroom during his or her school years. No wonder people think education is going down the toilet.

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