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NBC David Gregory on ObamaCare

Meet the Press moderator David Gregory appeared on Morning Joe on Friday and told Joe Scarborough that Democrats who are running for re-election don’t even want to try and win the Obamacare debate:

GREGORY: Plus, As I talk to Democrats facing re-election or organizing those who are facing re-election, they don’t even want to try to win this debate. They want to just try to neutralize the debate. They don’t think they can flat out win it because it’s too hard. The President regrets saying you can keep your plan the way it is because that turned out not to be true. There was a rollout of the health care site. Here is the reality, nobody really knows the true impact of health care reform writ large. Not Democrats, not Republicans, certainly not the administration. David Axelrod is right. There are beneficiaries out there. There are people who are benefiting under this law. But if Democrats are going to be trying to interpret for voters Congressional Budget Office report on what the 2 million affected really mean, you’re in a lot of trouble. This is the problem for White House and for advocates of reform going back to 2010. People don’t get it. They don’t understand it. They are trying to understand both what they can do with regard to Obamacare and what’s happening to their existing plan as companies already start to adjust. Maybe they’re covering prescription drugs differently, maybe they’re moving to more catastrophic care. There’s a seismic shift in the health care insurance field because of Obamacare, the results of which we really don’t understand yet.

That’s right. The very law that Democrats championed in 2010 has turned into a liability, and is a giant mess, with computer problems still plaguing the health exchanges after more than four months since their rollout.

Not only are Democrats not trying to win the Obamacare debate, as Gregory says, but many have decided to retire rather than face the voters’ wrath, and that includes those in safe districts.

The odds were already against the Democrats recapturing the House this year, but after the botched Obamacare rollout, and the realities of Obamacare having become apparent, it is now a virtual certainty that that won’t happen. In addition, the chances that Republicans have of taking back control of the Senate has greatly increased.

Obama may be clinging to his health care program, but after November he will be doing so with fewer Democrats in Congress behind him.

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