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White House press secretary Jay Carney just can’t control himself when it comes to answering questions from Fox News’ Ed Henry.

For the second day in a row Henry pressed Carney about the Obama debt ceiling plan and what he saw as the lack of transparency from the administration:

Henry:  So put it out there. Let the American people see it.

Carney:  I think I’ve answered the question.

Henry: One quick thing.

Carney: I know you’re creating a thing here for Fox.

Henry: No, no I’m not. You said a minute ago… That’s not what I’m doing. And you know better than that.

It looks like Media Matters isn’t the only one who has declared war on Fox. Carney’s job is to promote and defend the Obama administration’s policies and not to attack or belittle the reporters covering the White House, but he seems to have forgotten that over the last two days.

Carney has already lost the first two rounds to Henry, and for the administration’s sake he should avoid a round three today before he winds up embarrassing himself even more.

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