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I think Linda Ronstadt and Michael Moore would make a great couple. They are both overweight, they are on the far left politically and they hate America.

Ronstadt who thinks that she should mix politics and entertainment started a firestorm in Las Vegas when during a recent performance she called Moore a “great patriot”for making “Farenheit 9/11”. That didn’t go over very well with the audience who came to hear her sing and not promote an anti-American film. Ronstadt was then escorted off the property.

The liberal media weighed in with the New York Times condemning the move and a USA Today headline said it was proof that “Celebrities declare own war–on Bush”. Are you surprised? I’m not. In her new book “Shut Up And Sing” Laura Ingraham has a chapter that lists the anti-war, anti-American and anti-Bush quotes that have been spouted by the Hollywood left over the last few years.

Entertainers have every right to espouse their political views, but I for one look at movies and music to be just that, entertaining. Leave the politics to another forum. I was a big Ronstadt fan when I was younger and I think I still have some of her albums. She was a great singer and I didn’t care if she dated California governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown. I liked her singing.

Ronstadt who is unrepentant doesn’t seem to have the foggiest idea that all her audience wants is for her to perform. Anyone want to take up a collection to send Linda a copy of Laura Ingraham’s book?

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