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robert gibbs on meet the press 2014 midterms

Following on the heels of MSNBC colleague Chris Matthews’ statement last week that he thinks the Senate will go to the Republicans in November, former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told Meet the Press host David Gregory that Democratic control of the Senate is “absolutely” in danger this year.

Gibbs:  If he [Obama] doesn’t get more involved in raising money and making this a choice, as Dan Pfeiffer said, you lose the Senate and if you lose the Senate, turn out the lights because the party is over.

Gregory:  Is the Senate in danger?

Gibbs:  Definitely, absolutely.

Gregory:  How come Dan Pfeiffer didn’t say it?

Gibbs:  I did the same thing a few years ago on your show and I still have tire tracks from Nancy Pelosi for saying what I thought. Honesty–you can only go so far in Washington when you’re employed. As a consultant I can say all these things now.

I’m not convinced that these statements from Matthews and Gibbs are due to a sudden desire to be honest for a change, but rather they are trying to ignite a fire under a beleaguered President and Democrat Party that is reeling from last week’s loss in a special congressional election they thought was in the bag.

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