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Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign is taking to Twitter in an attempt to correct errors in the mainstream media about the GOP presidential hopeful.

The account only has 175 followers so far, and only two tweets, but will surely grow in size and corrections as Perry’s campaign kicks into high gear.

Both of the initial corrections focused on Perry’s Texas “miracle” of job creation when most of the country was losing jobs. The mainstream media have accused Perry of creating low-wage jobs, which they say is no miracle.

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman had called this the Texas Unmiracle in an editorial on August 15th but just issued the following correction on August 24th, which the Perry team tweeted:

An Op-Ed column by Paul Krugman on Aug. 15 about Rick Perry and the Texas economy referred incorrectly to low-wage workers there. Nearly 10 percent of hourly workers in Texas are paid the minimum wage or less, not almost 10 percent of all Texan workers.

That’s a correction worth mentioning since it’s not likely to show up in a future Krugman column.

The idea to use Twitter to try and set the record straight is something that other GOP candidates running for any office should consider emulating.

It’s too early to tell what effect the tweets will have. And even though the correction highlights will be provided by the Perry campaign itself, that doesn’t lessen the need for such a service.

Keep an eye on the @PerryTruthTeam. It may be the wave of the future in political campaigns in an effort to level the playing field for conservatives and Republicans running for office, who face the added challenge of a solidly liberal mainstream media.

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