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Jay Carney

According to reports in The Daily Caller and Mediaite, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is preparing to leave the White House this spring.

Carney first came to the White House in 2008 as Director of Communications for Vice-President Joe Biden, and was named to his current post in 2011, succeeding Robert Gibbs.

In his three-plus years as press secretary, Carney has had to deal with a growing list of administration scandals that has made it harder for him to defend the President and the administration.

The pressure of these scandals seems to have taken its toll on Carney, as he has become testier with the press when questioned on such issues as the IRS scandal, Benghazi and the botched rollout of Obamacare, which continues to be a problem.

Carney, who was a journalist for The Miami Herald, and later Time and CNN, was hoping that his former colleagues in the mainstream media would give him a break. But once the White House got embroiled in scandals that even the media couldn’t totally ignore, Carney discovered that he didn’t have as many friends in the media as he originally thought.

In his first five years in office, Obama hasn’t been particularly well served by his two press secretaries—Gibbs and Carney—who were fine when the news was good, but stumbled badly as things worsened in the White House.

The betting is that Carney will wind up with one of the cable news networks. MSNBC hired Gibbs three years ago, and they probably don’t need another former press secretary, leaving Fox News and CNN as options. Fox does like to hire liberals to balance their conservative lineup, but hiring Carney seems a stretch even for them. That leaves CNN, which is struggling and could use some new blood, and though Carney doesn’t exactly have the wittiest or most engaging personality, he should fit right in at the liberal leaning network.

Now the question is, who would want a job defending a president whose job approval ratings are sinking like a stone and whose policies are an unmitigated disaster?

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